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Meet One of Our Community Partners - A Step Beyond!

Meet One of Our Community Partners - A Step Beyond!

We are deeply passionate and committed to our mission – ensuring our company  promotes not just healthier individuals but communities as a whole. As a result, we've chosen to donate a portion of our profits each year toward organizations that help children. It's a responsibility we don't take lightly and our efforts go far beyond simply writing a check at the end of the year. It’s about dedicating time, showing up to events, interacting with the kids, and sharing our life experiences with them.

Recently, Sadra and I had the wonderful privilege of attending a Career Simulation Camp at A Step Beyond. During this specific camp, the students are learning about entrepreneurship. In fact, they are currently working on creating their own food truck business. They each have come up with cool names such as: “Pizza Queen”, “A taste of France”, “Flaming Flavors”, “The Candy and Chips of Wonder” and “The Sea Ship,” just to name a few. In addition, they’re working on designing a menu- which must include 5 main dishes, 3 side dishes, 3 beverages and 2 desserts-watch out world for the next generation of entrepreneurs!  

During our visit, we had an opportunity to share our career experiences with the students and what it means to be an entrepreneur (to us). Furthermore, we spoke about the inspiration behind aficio22, the various obstacles that all entrepreneurs will encounter and the creative ways in which they overcome them, and the resilience and persistence that is imperative for the success of any entrepreneur.

We concluded the event with pizza, which is always a big hit! The positive feedback that we received from the amazing students, teachers, and organizers at ASB brought us a great deal of joy. It’s moments like these that makes it all worthwhile.

The youth are our future, and we need to do everything we can to support their healthy development. We at aficio22 will continue to support people and organizations that enrich our lives and our communities. We are grateful to our customers that contribute to these endeavors by purchasing our products and hope you are aware of the impact your continued support can make. 



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