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The Perfect Trio: Three Variety Pack

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)
Delicate (Koroneiki Variety), Medium (Arbosana Variety), and Bold (Arbequina Variety)

Flavor profile: 
Delicate: Green tasting notes of herbs and fresh cut grass with a floral finish. 

Medium: Nutty, creamy, with a little spice on the finish.

Bold: Tasting notes of green olive, green tea (matcha), with bitter and spicy notes on the finish.

Pro tip:
Always keep your olive oil in a cool and dark place, away from the stove and other heat- We at aficio22 have made sure that our bottles are both aesthetically pleasing, and opaque, blocking out harmful heat and light, so sustaining the oil’s quality of flavor over time.

Culinary use:
Delicate is perfect for dishes that require a milder flavor, such as salads, fish, and light sauces. Medium has a more pronounced flavor and can be used in dishes such as pasta, poultry, and grilled vegetables. Bold has a robust flavor, making it ideal for hearty dishes like red meat, stews, and soups. 

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