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the people behind the oil

Kaveh Nourmofidi


Greetings, and thanks for checking out our website and our product. My name is Kaveh. I’m one of the founders of aficio22. 

My passion for olive oil began at a young age, as it always was a main ingredient in my mom’s cooking. As a result, my brothers and I developed an appreciation, from early in our lives, for the complexity of the oil’s flavors and its versatility as an ingredient in so many dishes.

I have always associated food with family, and with community. The dining table was the center of our family’s life, a place to share quality time, but also a place where my family’s values of decency and compassion were instilled in us through the conversations we shared. The inspiration behind aficio22 stems from these goals that guide us: to exhibit respect for the deep art of fine cooking and the deep family traditions of shared meals by creating the best extra virgin olive oil possible; to provide young people in underserved communities the opportunity to realize their full potential; and to build community with others who appreciate these goals themselves.

From our table to yours! 

Sadra Salehian


Hi, my name is Sadra, and I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about Kaveh and myself. I’m pleased to be Kaveh’s partner in founding aficio22.

For you to understand where my passion for olive oil comes from, I must tell you a bit about my childhood. As a kid, I was a very picky eater. My mother often ended up preparing a separate dish for me, because I refused to eat the meal she had prepared for the rest of the family. If I liked French fries, I only liked her French fries. Among the few dishes that I really enjoyed were chicken and potato salads, and Shirazi salad, a Persian salad with cucumber, tomato, and onion. 

When I moved to the United States later in my life, I both missed my mom and her cooking. In speaking to her across the distance between us, and attempting to learn how to replicate my favorite dishes of hers, I gained a particular appreciation for the role of a premium olive oil in bringing those flavors to life. This led me to begin a search for the best olive oil I could find. While I found some very good oils out there, I was moved, in partnership with Kaveh, to see if we could source a premium extra virgin olive oil of our own. The fact that a percentage of our revenues will help young people acquire the skills and support to pursue their dreams will, I believe, enhance the flavor of aficio22 even more. 

Thanks for meeting us.
Let us ‘pour together’ from our table to yours! 


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